Header Image—detail of Mercury Window

Talks on Artists

Hildegard of Bingen 1098—1178

The visionary nun

Mathias Grunewald artwork

Mathias Grünewald 1470—1528

Isenheim Altar, suffering and redemption

Frida Kahlo self portrait

Frida Kahlo 1907—1954

Pain and Paint

Antoni Gaudi architecture

Antoni Gaudi 1852—1926

Finding new relationships of form and function

Pablo Picasso artwork

Pablo Picasso 1881—1973

Making and re-making

Salvador Dali artwork

Salvador Dali 1904—1989

Between two worlds

Marc Chagall artwork

Marc Chagall 1887—1985

The language of the soul

Jackson Pollock artwork

Jackson Pollock 1912—1956

Breaking through to the other side

Ernst Barlach artwork

Ernst Barlach 1870—1938

Carver in adversity

Cecil Collins – The Sleeping Fool 1943

Cecil Collins 1908—1989

Signposts of the spirit

Max Wolfhugel artwork

Max Wolfhügel 1880—1963

Art in the service of education

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