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Sculpture Commissions

Mourne Grange Sculpture, 2021

Mourne Grange Sculpture front
Mourne Grange detail

Memorial Sculpture, 2010

The other thing that began to dawn, was a growing awareness of the spiritualisation of matter. A visiting older boy in Thornbury had once talked about this, many, many years ago; how elemental beings are freed from the stone when you work it. I did not see any elemental beings, but had the strong impression that something was being freed, that I was engaged in a powerful process of transformation.

Johannes Steuck

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Memorial Sculpture spiral face
Memorial Sculpture

Transformation Sculpture, 2003

Well if I had had any kind of notion what this project involved, I would have run a million miles. Almost immediately on agreeing I was thrown into doubt and terror. I had foolishly agreed to: a, work in the public eye; b, work together with Ruskin Mill students; and c, work in a material I had absolutely no experience of.

Johannes Steuck

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Transformation Sculpture

The Grail Fountain, 1982

Thus, it was that I tried to create a rounded ‘Sun Shape’ at the top of the stone and a ‘Lunar Bowl Shape’ at the base. I wanted the form to work all the way round and repeated it five times around the stone. I used the number five because it’s dynamic and is related to the human being.

Johannes Steuck

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The Grail Fountain
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